Should You Make Your Own E-Juice?


I come across this question a lot. It’s easy to see why people start thinking about making their own e-juice. It really all boils down to control.

Think about it this way, if you like doing something and you find yourself doing it regularly, chances are, you probably would want to experiment. It’s not unlikely for people to try to control as many different aspects of their vaping experience so it tastes just right or it feels perfect or they get the exact rush that they are looking for. This is not much different from brewing your own beer or making your own cheese because you’re a big fan of pilsners or gorgonzola respectively.

If you like a certain experience that impacts your senses on many different levels, and I am of course talking about the things that you see, smell, taste, hear and touch, you want to mix and match. You want to mix things up. You also want to experiment. All that is understandable, but the problem is pulling it off the right way.

Now, assuming that money is no object and assuming that you have the time to do this, it might still be a bad idea to make your own e-juice. You might just be a lousy learner or you may not be all that sensitive and you keep making one bad batch after another.

Now, I wish I could tell you that a bad batch is very easy to figure out, but you know and I know that often times, what separates a “bad” batch from an excellent one is a question of degree. It might seem slightly off, but the more you vape or use that e-juice, the more it becomes obvious to you that something is wrong with that batch. In fact, if you keep using that e-juice, you might even reach a point where you hate it.

This all seems crazy because the difference in quality may not be all that obvious. Just by looking at the two formulations of e juice fromĀ Eliquid Depot they might look completely the same. You can’t tell them apart by smell, and you can’t tell them apart by appearance. You have to keep this in mind because you have to have a tremendous amount of attention to detail to pull this off.

This is not one of those things that comes easy. This is not one of those things that is second nature to most people. This is where time comes in. As you probably already know, to become an expert in everything, you have to invest your time.

You also have to be very curious. You can’t just take things on face value. You can’t just settle for the first version in everything that you do. You basically have to keep pushing the envelope and keep looking for small details. Now, this sounds awesome on paper, but one practical problem that arises time and time again is what do you do with your “failed” formulations? Somebody has to use them or you’re going to have to pour them into the toilet. Talk about a waste.

Again, I’m not talking about bad batches that are obviously bad. I’m not talking about stuff that turns your stomach or makes you want to throw up. I’m not talking about bad-smelling stuff that just basically clings to the insides of your nostrils that you wouldn’t want to smell again. I’m talking about e-juice formulations that are slightly off.Make sure you are ready to invest the time and, yes, money, into this because making your own e-juice is not a light and easy commitment. It’s not just something that you stumble into. It is a serious undertaking and it can cost a pretty penny. It also can cost all sorts of problems down the road.